They do say time flies when you are having fun... and that sure does seem true when you realise that we are busy infusing the tenth batch of Caperitif. For almost a century this golden liquid was nothing but a mysterious ingredient in a few old cocktail books, but since 2012 we've taken ten [...]

A check in to the Caperitif garden

  The Swartland finally had a lush wet winter after many years of drought and lots of stress. The Caperitif fynbos and herb garden has received this well. Featured here is Kooigoed, mint, konfettibos, wilde-als, wild rosemary and more. You are welcome.

Karoo tasting

We recently put the kids and cousins to work pouring Caperitif and Swaan in Prince Albert. The family took a break from winter holidays in the Karoo to take part in a tasting at the Old Dam Museum. Adi informed locals about the process and story behind the product while Samuel, Richard and Jan Hendrik [...]

Negroni Week 2018

Every year the bar industry all over the world gear up for Negroni Week - naturally as a celebration of this wonderful drink, but also to support charities in the bar / club or venue's area or interest. This year was no different and Johannesburg bases Mootee bar got in on the action with a [...]

Cocktail hour

This is Jan Smuts... Easy to make and easier to drink: 1/4 Caperitif 1/4 Gin 1/2 Swaan Tonic Water with a dash of pomegranate juice, served on ice. Or make a whole dispenser full to ensure you do not run out.


Cacophony   On November 5th we will be hosting a first and very unique Caperitif Cacophony here on Kalmoesfontein. Attendees can expect to find out more about the product, the process and more. Look back into history, smell the fynbos and shake up some new and interesting cocktails. By invitation only, but if you are [...]


Punched   Finding out the Editor-in-Chief (and ‘the office’) of Punch is really into you right now is a great way to start the week. Says Talia Baiocchi: “The latest entry into the category, Caperitif (Cape Aperitif), has become my go-to on-the-rocks drink in the office.” Read the full quote here.  And have a happy Monday and a great week.

Street Food Festival

Street Food Festival   Yesterday we were lucky to be a part of the Convivium Block Party at the annual Cape Town Street Food Festival in Woodstock. Lots of fun in the Sunday Spring sun as we kept everyone’s glasses full of Caperitif, Swaan and Cruxland Gin. Some pictures via new followers on Instagram. Above: setting up, the calm before [...]


Cocktails   Truly South African Caperitif cocktails as featured in Graham Wood’s article in the July issue of Business Day’s Wanted Magazine.  


Ca-what? From the cellar of Kalmoesfontein and the mountain slopes of the Paardeberg we bring you Caperitif. Chenin Blanc fortified with spirit, gently sweetened by the sugar of the grapes, bittered by Quinchona bark and flavoured with some 35 truly Cape ingredients such as fynbos, kalmoes and naartjies.   The recipe? 1 part history 1 part geography [...]

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