so what is in there? rooibos


Caperitif – as we know it – is a constant experiment as we play around with interesting indigenous Cape ingredients. Recently we did a photo shoot with some twigs and things in order to spread some information about a few of the things we use in this wonderful product.

This is the first edition of ‘so what is in there?’.


Afrikaans pronunciation [rɔːibɔs], meaning “red bush”.

Scientific name Aspalathus linearis.

A broom-like member of the legume family of plants growing in South Africa’s fynbos.

Rooibos tea does not contain caffeine and has low tannin levels compared to black tea or green tea. Rooibos contains polyphenols, including flavanols, flavones, flavanones, dihydrochalcones, aspalathin and nothofagin.

The processed leaves and stems contain benzoic and cinnamic acid.

photos by Maree Louw.