And then there were two!

So if you have followed the story of the Caperitif you would know that we are chasing a legend… a product last produced around the 1940s. We really had no idea what it tasted like, what the recipe was or what the hell we were going to end up with, when we started making this product early in 2014.

So, having said that, and taking into account that you can never get the exact same flavor of herbs and fynbos and the time of year when you pick these ingredients consistant… We knew that no two batches of this stuff is going to ever taste the same.

Luckily we are all for that, and therefore we are now on our second batch, and the product going forward will always have a Lot (batch) number on it. For now there are two:

And then we struck gold (see what I did there?). During an auction in London in May 2015 we bought 3 bottles (two x 750ml and one x 375ml) of the original stuff!!

Now we can taste this long lost ghost ingredient and send some off for analysis, and hopefully get even closer to the original Cape Aperitif.

Exciting times!