Die Kaapse Dief

We always think we are being very funny and hip with our branding and strange labels, but somehow ‘the powers that be’ often nip our plans in the bud.

Our first Caperitif label with the scroll saying ‘Soet vermoed’ is a very good example of this… Soet vermoed really does not mean much, a direct translation (from Afrikaans) would be ‘Sweet Suspect’… That is cool, right? It also is a play on words / a homonym (I had to google that one) with ‘Sweet Vermouth’. And in a way it is a Vermouth, but alas, this has caused us lots of headaches with the authorities and thus, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you our new, improved label for (touch wood) export.

‘Kaapse Dief’, literally translated would be ‘Cape Thief’. Why? Well cause it sounds like Caperitif, obviously… maybe this thief from the cape will steal your heart but it really means nothing at all. Just like our sense of humour…

So, there (s)he is… Die Kaapse Dief