Stock up

What a time to be alive hey!

Tomorrow South Africa downgrades to Level 3 of Lockdown which also means we can (finally) buy alcohol again… When alcohol sales closed we thought it would open in 21 days… that was SIXTY FIVE days ago.

So we just want to make sure you know where to get your Caperitif fix tomorrow.

Here is a list of outlets that stock Die Dief in Die Kaap

And a list of Jozi outlets that sells the golden liquid.

Maybe just stock up, it seems you never know what tomorrow will bring and we don’t want to become the Ghost Ingredient* in your house.

We also urge you to support small, privately owned business and buy local wines and spirits.

I mean, Caperitif is made with a whole bunch of medicinal herbs (found only in the Cape biosphere) so it is the perfect tipple in times of pandemic…

*Did you know?

Caperitif was originally made in SA over a century ago. In the 1930s it was included in numerous cocktail recipes in the (now/still) famous Savoy Cocktail book. Around 1940 sometime the manufacturing of the drink seized and it disappeared. With the recent revival of cocktail culture mixologists on the American East Coast started referring to it as The Ghost Ingredient. The search for the mysterious liquid eventually lead to us in the Swartland where the forgotten spirit has been revived.