Street Food Festival


Yesterday we were lucky to be a part of the Convivium Block Party at the annual Cape Town Street Food Festival in Woodstock.

Lots of fun in the Sunday Spring sun as we kept everyone’s glasses full of Caperitif, Swaan and Cruxland Gin.

Some pictures via new followers on Instagram.

Above: setting up, the calm before the thirsty storm.

Above: Swans full of fynbos.

Above: New fans enjoying their first sip of Caperitif and Swaan.

Above: The winning combo: One part Caperitif, one part Cruxland Gin, topped with Swaan (and lots of ice!)

Thanks to the Studio-H / Street Food Festival team and the Convivium Crew – we look forward to hosting the big event again in Feb 2018.

Edit: these just came back, developed from film, taken on a Nikon f90x.

Above: Marketing cousin Helena and sommelier extraordinaire Marine in action. Photo by Raynard Gouws.

Above: Self appointed “there is only one drink for me / now you can day drink” brand ambassador Ray. Photo by Helena Sheridan.