They do say time flies when you are having fun… and that sure does seem true when you realise that we are busy infusing the tenth batch of Caperitif.

For almost a century this golden liquid was nothing but a mysterious ingredient in a few old cocktail books, but since 2012 we’ve taken ten shots at perfecting this Cape aperitif. And Lot 8 came in a new look bottle earlier this year.

We give each batch a number, much like a vintage on a wine – although occasionally the creation of batches happen more than once a year (depending on how fast the stuff sells…). This also speaks to the fact that no two batches are the same. The recipe, the combination of ingredients, the season in which the ingredients are picked – all of this has a subtle impact on the lot.

Many hands have also touched the project. From Lars and Adi in the beginning, to Kyle’s botanist approach, via Jasper making giant teabags and now to our new winemaker-in-charge Hanneke.

Last week Hanneke and Cornelia teamed up to create and curate a beautiful display of some of the ingredients currently used. Hence these lovely images.

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