February has not been short on exciting mentions and ventures for Caperitif.

It seems Vermouth is all the rage right now and we spotted our Kaapse Dief in a few trend reports for 2016:


Marie Claire SA’s Jan/Feb issue

House & Leisure Feb issue:

Then, on 24 February Caperitif popped up on the menu at a ‘one night only’ Food (by Wesley Randles, Head Chef at Pot Luck Club) & Cocktails (by Australian bartender Luke Whearty) pairing at Outrage of Modesty.


And meanwhile, back on Kalmoesftontein, Adi’s mom Judy Badenhorst, prepared a harvest lunch for the International Wine & Food Society, complete with Caperitif & Pomegranate jelly – a real winner, recipe coming soon!


And a bit further afield our friend in Johannesburg reports, Caperitif is “taking over the streets”*