Where are we?

A good while ago we sat down and planned out some themes for the year – ideas and guidelines for content to capture and share… it was a lovely plan but in all the chaos of life we never stuck to it as much as we intended.

Enter 2020 and a global pandemic; a nationwide lockdown and a pause on alcohol sales and exports. While there are many threads and concerns around this, it has also given us time to breath and regroup.

And, having once again consulted the content schedule it so happens that the theme around April and May is home – a sense of place. “Focus on our little piece of Paardeberg”… coincidence?

So – do you really know where in the world the Swartland is? Does Paardeberg mean anything to you?

Let me show you:

You know Africa – that big content usually in the middle of the world map. Ok so here we have it’s most southern tip – you have probably heard of Cape Town (regularly winning ‘tourist destination’ awards).

Zoom in and travel a little bit North East and you will enter the Swartland appellation.

There, between the towns of Malmesbury, Wellington and Paarl lies the Paardeberg (or Horse Mountain if you must).

Our little piece is on an East facing slope, on the farms of Kalmoesfontein and Klein Orangerie.

The ingredient garden is on Kalmoesfontein – where the infusions happen. The barrel cellar (where we age each Lot) is just down the dirt road on Klein Orangerie.

Kalmoesfontein from above:

The Caperitif and Mezcal Cellars (spot the mezcal pit out front):

WELCOME to the Caperitif Barrel Cellar, step inside (you have arrived at your destination | you are here)