Ja Maneer!

Yes Sir! Maneer, (sir in Afrikaans) is a strong, smokey citrus cocktail by Julian Short. Made with 1 part Caperitif 1 part Mezcal (he used The 4th Rabbit, a Karoo agave spirit, also made by Adi Badenhorst) topped with Naartjie Juice (a cape citrus fruit) with a pinch of salt and garnished with rosemary. voila!


“Spion Kop”

“Spion Kop”   By now you may have noticed that many of the original Caperitif cocktails from the Savoy Cocktail Book have names in reference to Boer War battles or heroes. This weekend (23-24 January) is the 121st anniversary of the Battle of Spioenkop and hey, there is a cocktail for that… According to that wealth of knowledge, [...]


No trick, just a treat

Peater Peater, pumpkin drinker Earlier this year, when Julian Short made us a Peater Peater with Caperitif and fresh raw pumpkin juice, I immediately made a note to save this one for this week - because nothing screams halloween like pumpkins... So here it is: Caperitif Peated Whiskey (10 yo Talisker) Pumpkin juice Salt shake [...]


Cocktail: Oom Paul

Cocktail: Oom Paul We know heritage and history isn't always pretty or just - but there IS a Oom Paul cocktail in the original Savoy Cocktail Book - and THAT is some history we can live with... So, seeing as today is the birth day of Stephanus Johannes Paulus "Paul" Kruger (10 October 1825 – 14 July 1904) nicknamed Oom Paul ("Uncle [...]


Cocktail hour

Cocktail hour(s)   This is Jan Smuts... Easy to make and easier to drink: 1/4 Caperitif 1/4 Gin 1/2 Swaan Tonic Water with a dash of pomegranate juice, served on ice. Or make a whole dispenser full to ensure you do not run out.



Cocktails   Truly South African Caperitif cocktails as featured in Graham Wood’s article in the July issue of Business Day’s Wanted Magazine. With beautifully styled pictures and glasses to add to the xmas wish list.  

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