Score! We're feeling a tad proud with our recent score from Tim Atkin (a Master of Wine who tastes and rates South African wine annually). Our "2020" vintage, which is the Lot 10 got a whopping 92 points in his 2020 South Africa Report. We'll drink to that!


Bonjour Lexir !

“Bonjour Lexir”   Introducing Lexir! We are so proud to feature in this exciting new venture that we wanted to share about it here. Lexir is a groundbreaking new online shopping platform showcasing the new generation of innovative, craft, independent, and newcomer spirits from across the globe. With a focus on fantastic pricing, expert guidance, [...]


Stock up!

Stock up What a time to be alive hey! Tomorrow South Africa downgrades to Level 3 of Lockdown which also means we can (finally) buy alcohol again... When alcohol sales closed we thought it would open in 21 days... that was SIXTY FIVE days ago. So we just want to make sure you know where [...]



10   They do say time flies when you are having fun... and that sure does seem true when you realise that we are busy infusing the tenth batch of Caperitif. For almost a century this golden liquid was nothing but a mysterious ingredient in a few old cocktail books, but since 2012 we've taken [...]


Jet setting!

Jet setting   The team from Mootee in Johannesburg recently took Caperitif on tour when they went to represent South Africa in Milan and at Berlin Bar Convent. Here are some pics, videos and more coming soon!



Punched Finding out the Editor-in-Chief (and ‘the office’) of Punch is really into you right now is a great way to start the week. Says Talia Baiocchi: “The latest entry into the category, Caperitif (Cape Aperitif), has become my go-to on-the-rocks drink in the office.” Drinking in the office, what a life... Read the full quote here.  And have a happy [...]



Cocktails   Truly South African Caperitif cocktails as featured in Graham Wood’s article in the July issue of Business Day’s Wanted Magazine. With beautifully styled pictures and glasses to add to the xmas wish list.  



Ca-what? From the cellar of Kalmoesfontein and the mountain slopes of the Paardeberg we bring you Caperitif. Chenin Blanc fortified with spirit, gently sweetened by the sugar of the grapes, bittered by Quinchona bark and flavoured with some 35 truly Cape ingredients such as fynbos, kalmoes and naartjies.   The recipe? 1 part history 1 part geography [...]


Swaan Cape Tonic

Swaan Cape Tonic And so, while tasting and mixing and drinking a lot of Caperitif cocktailsand Gin and Tonics last year we decided to create and produce our own Cape style Tonic Water. Say hello to the Swaan (Afrikaans for Swan, whadayaknow). Spring water with natural botanicals – quinine, lime, cardamon and mint. Less sugar [...]

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